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Estimate, Visualize, and Construct
Your Wall with Ease

Our web app generates a material list, an estimated cost, and a 3D representation of your wall based on your input of length, height, and material selection. Place representative buildings adjacent to the wall for a comprehensive visual reference.

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Material List

The Material List includes a comprehensive inventory of all the necessary components for constructing a 3D block wall. It itemizes the types and quantities of blocks, bricks, mortar, sand, and foundations required for the project. This detailed list aids in efficient procurement and ensures that all essential materials are accounted for during the construction process.

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Cost Estimation

The Cost Estimation provides a detailed breakdown of the anticipated expenses associated with building the 3D block wall. It factors in the costs of blocks, bricks, mortar, sand, and foundation materials, as well as labor and additional expenses. This estimation serves as a valuable tool for budgeting and project planning, helping project managers understand the financial aspects of the construction project.

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3D Visualization

The 3D Visualization is a graphical representation of the proposed 3D block wall design. Utilizing advanced software, this visualization allows you to see a realistic and detailed model of the wall before construction begins. It provides insights into the aesthetic aspects of the project, helping to refine design choices and ensuring alignment with the desired outcome.

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Permit Application Specifications

This document includes information on materials, dimensions, construction methods, and any other specifications mandated by local building codes. Adhering to these specifications is crucial for obtaining necessary approvals and ensuring that the construction project is in compliance with regulatory standards.

How It Works

Enter your wall dimensions and material selection to get a detailed estimate and 3D representation. You can even generate printable specifications for permit applications.


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